Why You Should Use SSL on Websites

It has been found from surveys that a website that installs SSL is presumed to be an authenticate site by visitors and to-be customers when browsing the web. If you hear this term for the first time, let us tell you briefly about the certification. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a standard certification to flag a website as safe for online activities relating to sharing any kind of confidential information such as credit card number, username among others. This SSL tells the user/browser that the website has SSL installed in its transaction pipeline such that all the information that you type in such as passwords, for example, are encrypted when transferring between the systems they are using and the destination server or any number of other computers in between.

  • SSL provides trust to the visitors and increase traffic.
  • SSL encrypts all the sensitive info transferred between computers online.
  • SSL prevents attackers from looking at a user's confidential info and spoofing it or stealing it.

The SSL Certification has been adopted as a norm in the IT security industry and can be verified easily by any browser by looking at a “green bar” or “lock” icon so that your site's visitors can turn into possible customers and consume content without any second thought, as well as keep coming. So, it is an utmost requirement to install SSL. Furthermore, if you run an e-commerce site, this is a mandatory requirement too. Therefore, getting a PKI along with an SSL Certificate from a trusted provider is a safe practice.