Page Turning Digital Brochures

Page Turning Digital Brochures

Powerscribe offers eye-catching page turning digital brochures. Let us first explain to you what these brochures actually are before giving you more information about our services.

About Page Turning Brochures

 The page turning digital brochures are eBrochures that possess all the attributes of traditional printed brochures. Yes, you will even be able to digitally flip over their pages exactly in the way you flip the pages of a paper brochure. When potential clients of yours will read through the page turning brochure, they will have the same feeling as they used to have when using printed brochures.

However, everything about digital brochures is not same as that of paper brochures. The paper brochure representing your organization will reach potential customers only if you offer them the same. Your digital brochure, on the other hand, can be viewed by every single person who has access to internet. This automatically increases your business’s reach by a big margin.

What You Can Do with a Page Turning Brochure?

 One of the most prominent features of the digital brochures created by Powerscribe is that they can be integrated into websites easily. With our page turning brochures, linking items and articles directly to different pages of your website or linking a product mentioned in the brochure to that particular product in your online store enabling fast direct sales will no more be a problem. This means digital brochures we create also makes navigation easier for your customers.

We develop page turning brochures compatible to both Mac and PC. What’s more, our brochures can now even be viewed on Android Tablets, iPads and iPhones. This is another feature of the brochures we develop that makes it easier for all information related to your business reach the targeted audience quickly. As the brochures are compatible to all platforms, a person will not need to sit in front of a laptop or desktop for viewing them; they can be viewed on the go on advanced mobile phone models like iPhone and tablets.

Our Digital Brochures

 Our company is represented by a team of highly qualified developers and experienced and skilled graphic designers. These people are experts of designing and developing e-brochures exactly according to the needs of our clients. They know how to highlight the mission, vision and values of a business through a brochure while giving it an extremely eye-catching. They are well-versed with all the graphic designing software and thus capable of including unique design elements into the brochures. You will never find us making two brochures that look similar; we customize brochures according to our client’s preferences and our understanding of their businesses.

If you want, we will also provide you offline version of the page turning digital brochures we make. We have kept this option open for our customers as we know that there are still some businesses who don’t want to make their brochure accessible to all individual who has access to the internet.

Last, but not least in spite of offering page turning digital brochures of the highest quality, you'll find our prices below very reasonable. We also do further discounts for bulk orders or documents with over 80 pages.

Simple low-cost prices:

The following prices apply to all kinds of online publications from a simple, single page leaflet to a multi-page catalogue or magazine.

  • 1-5 pages      £5.00 per page
  • 6-15 pages      £4.00 per page
  • 16-29 pages    £3.00 per page
  • 30 + pages      £2.00 per page

Further discounts available for regular orders or brochures over 100 pages.

We also do a HTML 5 version of our digital brochures which will work on IPADs, Iphones etc. Please enquire about this.

Please email us at or fill in our contact us form to hear more about our low prices. Feel free to send your existing PDF brochure and we'll do a FREE no-obligation conversion into a stunning page turning digital brochure so you can see exactly how it would look.