How to Market Your Brand with Images

Plain text is informative but quick to bore. Cliparts are even worse. This is why images pack such a punch in social media marketing. Original images have more power than do clipart and free stock photos. Because regular posting is vital to marketing in the social media universe, you’ll need to get creative. Here are some tips to market your brand with images on your blog and social media.

  • Show off happy customers. If you’re a makeup artist, snap a pic of your model. If a customer wrote you a special thank you note on the personalized stationery that you sold them, showcase it.
  • Host a contest. A photo contest can increase followers numbers and get them excited about your brand. For example, announce to your followers and subscribers that one of them will receive a free product (or a discount on a future purchase) for posting a picture of him- or herself sporting your product.
  • Show off great employees. Give your company a human face by presenting your employees. Give a short bio and a tidbit about what makes that person integral to the company.
  • Take a picture of a promotional code. Make followers feel like they got the best deal by posting pictures of a discount code or deal. Be sure to call attention to these special-offer images with an appropriate tag!
  • Hint at future innovations. Whether you’re coming out with a new product or are hosting an event, snap a picture of something that gives a hint to your followers. They’ll be abuzz with anticipation and predictions, and that means good things for your brand.
  • Offer a peek into the office. It doesn’t matter if you or your employees work in a cubicle. Snap a picture of your office from a quirky angle or showcase one framed picture or coffee mug and briefly comment on the goings-on at the office. Give future customers a glimpse into an office moment.
  • Demonstrate your craft. Customers are curious how your products are made or how your services are provided. Take a picture of yourself or an employee hard at work to fulfill their curiosity.