This product was invented because people die in fires, due to the fact of becoming lost in their own environment. Lite4Life was formed after multiple witnesses of disorientation due to smoke logging.

We at Lite4Life put life preservation at the forefront of our design, Designed to aid safe escape and firefighting.


A legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Are you Complaint?

Our Highly Qualified and experienced Fire Risk Assessment Team are here to help you fully comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We want to make a difference by always making the effort to fully appreciate all our client’s requirements and apply our skills to find the best solution to meet our client’s needs.

We have a 100 % track record of lifting Prohibition Notices, Enforcement Notices and meeting Building Control Approval.

We welcome the opportunity for you to contact us at any time to talk through your requirements.

MultiWatch connects directly to a broad range of safety devices

If any of these devices are tampered with or activated MultiWatch will automatically broadcast to multiple mobile devices via SMS, if programmed the AlightForLife wayfinders will be activated giving a clear indication to safe passage, illuminated for up to 35 hours in power outage using the volt-free product.

ALightForLife is the first light of its kind

We at Lite4Life feel it should sit under its own banner of Fire Safety Light. Not only does it illuminate in fire and smoke conditions automatically from an alarm activation, it will also illuminate when there is power failure in a building and is capable of staying on for up to 8 hours in audio version or 35 hours in volt-free.


Please note, all of our Alight4life products can be installed at high or low-level.


Directional Low Level Light.
Designed for life! These technological challenging and innovative products have been developed and to be used in conjunction with a fire alarm system that is activated due to the presence of smoke or manual operation of the system.


High Level Non Maintained Light.
This light fitting is designed to provide non-maintained support at high level with our sound sensing features. It supports with the same technology as the arrow version, but emits white LED’s only. It can also be installed at low level if required depending on specification.


Construction Model.
We have produced a 110v construction site version to the same specification as the other products. This version is colour coded yellow to comply with the construction colouring codes. It can support any darkened areas on a site and point the way out in fire alarm or emergency conditions. It can be provided with or without the hanging plate or construction cage.


Directional Low Level Light.
This light has the same functionality as the flush light but is designed to be installed on a surface application. It has the option to take conduit installation or to be installed with the electrical supply introduced from the back of the unit.


The Double Arrow Unit.
The double arrow unit will guide dependant on a signal from a fire alarm panel if the danger is from the right it will guide left and vice versa. If no danger it will guide both ways.


Directional Low Level Light.
This light has the same functionality as the flush light but is designed to be installed on a surface application. It has the option to take conduit installation or to be installed with the electrical supply introduced from the back of the unit. This unit features prominently when there is a distinct lack of wall structure i.e plant rooms etc.

A solution that stands out.

Across all the range if installed as part of a Lite4Life way guidance system it will comply to article 14 of regulatory form (Fire Safety) order 2005. To adequately illuminate the means of escape. It is a non-electrical system that replaces the requirement for emergency lighting, giving our clients huge cost savings on emergency lighting maintenance and installation costs.


Directional Low Level Light
The concept we supply at Lite4Life is that the photoluminescent we can provide at low level will assist the egress of people in smoke fills or darkened buildings.


Low Location Lighting Escape Route System
This system is designed to be fitted to the wall and skirting surfaces. Strips of photoluminescent material and appropriate signage are installed into place to complete the system. The unique benefit of this system is that no mains power supply is required. Equally, when installed as a low level way guidance strategy, it will support adequately illuminating the means of escape.

BeRiskSmart is a web based management system, a subsidiary of Lite4Life Ltd. Our system is designed to help you manage and mitigate your fire risk.

Recognising that Fire Risk and Health & Safety is a key success factor for all business sectors, our philosophy is to listen and work in partnership with our clients to provide corporate compliance and proactive development of Fire Risk and Health Safety and Environmental Management.

If you find yourself spending too much time typing reports, buried under paperwork, struggling to manage action plans? Then we can help. With BeRiskSmart we provide the tools for you to collect data quickly and accurately using an iPad, iPhone or any android tablet or computer.

We have the resources to create the characters that relate to your business. It starts with an outline drawing which eventually turns them into colourful and engaging characters, ready to be brought to life.

Now that you have a character or 2 or more… its time to get creative. By taking your characters and creating a storyboard we can then produce short compelling movie clips to get your message across.

With characters designed and brought to life, it could be time to endorse this with a comic ideal for handouts or reminders of the message you want to portray.


MOSSVALE - Specialist safety system installer for Lite4Life and Automist products

Mossvale are a regional contractor and were established in 1988. They operate in the construction, mechanical & electrical, maintenance and facilities management industries and provide clients with a ‘one stop shop’ in the delivery of a diverse range of services.

We are proud to have Mossvale as an Accreted Installation Partner and work side by side to ensure safe working and living environments.

Looking to supplement your Lite4Life solutions? Mossvale also supply Automist.

Automist® is a simple, retrofittable, fire sprinkler. Winner of numerous international awards, Automist is trusted in thousands of homes worldwide to meet building regulations.

Lite4Life Ltd have identified a number of problems with current prescriptive regime for, escape route lighting, task lighting and indeed emergency lighting but have researched solutions for some very specific problems answering risk assessment and other design considerations.

The Lite4Life solution for continuous unambiguous escape route identification giving confidence to evacuee to supplement the escape strategy and evacuation of multiple floors and high-rise. And in the event of a “stay put” strategy of great benefit to Fire and Rescue deployment.

Innovation, Innovation Innovation Lite4Life are a forward thinking Company providing the solutions to the problems. If you want to mitigate risk in your buildings talk to Lite4Life at the outset