What is HDD and Why it's Important

The hard disk drive, or the HDD as it is commonly called, is typically the largest storage of data inside a computer. Every file that is put on the computer such as the operating system, all software, and files you download are kept here. Today we are going to talk about the hard disk drive and why it important to your computer.

What is a hard disk drive?

A hard disk drive is about the size of a paperback book that is installed into your computer when you buy it, or you can purchase new a new hard drive to add more memory to your computer. The sides of the HDD have holes drilled into them so you can add it to any existing computer. You can also mount the hard drive to your computer with an adaptor. The back of the hard drive has a port on it so you can plug it into the computers mother board. It also comes with a connection for power, and many come with jumper settings, which allows the motherboard to recognize that a new hard disk drive has been installed. Inside all hard drives there are small round disks called platters, which are coated with a special coating that allows the hard drive to store data magnetically.

Why is a hard disk drive important?

The hard disk drive is probably the most important component to your computer. Without it your computer would never be able to save any files, you would not be able to boot up your operating system, and could never play a game or download a file. Computers now a days comes with a hard drive with three times more space than in previous computers but it is amazing how fast the computer cashed will be depleted. It is very important to know the size of your hard drive as well, because if you do not know and you run out of space, your computer will not work and you will not be able to download anything until you add another hard disk drive.

As you can see the hard disk drive is a very important part of the computer. Without it your computer would not operate at all. Please find out how much memory your hard disk drive can hold and also keep track of how much data has been saved, so you will not run out.