Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing services can assist all kinds of businesses to reach more and more people. Do you want email newsletters to reach your subscribers on a specific date or you prefer the email to be sent right at the time when the campaign is fully ready? We can do all; with us, you will never need to worry about things like missing the deadline or delayed sending of email newsletters.

 We ensure that the emails we send don’t contain a single mistake. We keep the emails of our clients saved as drafts to ensure that they can be sent just by clicking the send button. In addition, we allow our customers to resume and discontinue email campaigns whenever they want.

We know that a thing that works well for a particular business or situation might not be a good match for another business or situation. Thus the team of email marketing experts representing our organisation always stay ready to put in extra efforts for finding out what will work best for a client before beginning to design the campaign. We work using a wide array of innovative tools for tracking click-throughs, referrals, conversions, open rates, bounce rates etc. Based on the results we get, we keep on altering the features of the campaign to make it more comprehensive and successful.

You can hire us not only to send emails to email ids mentioned in a database; we also share our clients’ email campaigns in top social networking platforms like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. Read on to know more about the features of our email marketing services.

We Create Beautiful, Eye-Catching Email Newsletters

  • Create email campaigns from scratch that will view in any email client
  • Modify existing mailers
  • Create clean, but attractive designs for newsletters
  • Customise designs to match the philosophy and  vision of your business or brand
  • Import your database
  • Share email campaigns across all social platforms
  • Monitor and measure results

We Design

 Our company is represented by a team of highly talented, skilled and qualified graphic designers who are instrumental in creating attractive and meaningful newsletter designs. These professionals know how to use different designing software fruitfully. None of the newsletter designs we create match any of our previous work of works of other companies. We can successfully maintain our custom of creating unique designs only due to our ability of working according to our client’s needs and preferences.



We Send

  • Send campaigns whenever you want (now, later, or on a fixed date)
  • Pause and resume campaign whenever you want
  • Save the layout as draft if required
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe List Management
  • Import subscriber information like name, country, age, gender and dynamically insert them
  • Target smart subscribers by checking their personal information and previous engagements
  • Automatically generate codes for subscription forms that can be inserted on your business website
  • Personalised emails to recipients

We Monitor

  • Automatically monitor and report on bounces
  • Automatically track and implement subscribes / unsubscribes with immediate effect
  • Track and monitor all spam complaints
  • Remove problematic addresses if any