Ecommerce Website Design: Make it Even Better

Here are some easy and handy tips to make your ecommerce website even better.

Transparent Homepage

From the moment someone lands on your homepage, you need to be as direct, clear, and authentic as possible before users even begin to click. So when a new visitor lands on your website you’ll need to answer these questions:

1. Who are you?
2. What do you sell?
3. Why should I trust you?

Transparency is all about – trust. Trust makes a user more willing to stay on your website, browse around, and make purchases. If you can design an ecommerce website that delivers transparency, you’re already halfway down the road to perfection.

Intuitive Navigation

After landing on a homepage, a user needs to know what to do next. It’s your job to make that possible. By providing a well-organized display of tabs and drop-down menus, users can quickly scan and find the portion of your business that they seek. The faster they can move through your products and services, the easier it will be for them to transact on your website. You can even encourage faster navigation by adding “past purchases” or “similar products” sections in the sidebar as they search.

The best way to display tabs is to work with the way people read (so left to right and up to down). That means putting the most important stuff in the upper left corner first.

There are other ways to implement easy navigation too. Include a visible large search bar for users with specific needs. Create an FAQ section for curious visitors and make your customer service number readily available for concerned visitors.

Impactful Imagery

Ecommerce is far from perfect. While your customers can buy your products from all over the world, they lack the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste, feel or rub your products. That’s why photos, as well as videos, are crucial for the sale of your product. They bring your products to life and make it possible for consumers to make educated purchasing decisions.

Therefore you need your photos to be as awesome as possible. They should have a high resolution, vivid color, large size, viewable angle, and overall comprehension. And you want to use a plain background to make sure they stand out on the page. Your videos should also be high resolution, show your product in use, and inspire your consumers rather than just inform.