What are CPU Cores and Why they are Important?

The central processing units, or CPU as it’s known in the computer world, is a very important part of the computer, being that it is the main central processor in your computer. Today we will be talking about what exactly is a CPU core and why they are important to your computer.

What are CPU cores?

The CPU cores can be compared to the human brain in the way that the central processing unit does all the thinking for the computer, and tells the other parts of the computer what to do and when to do it. The cores are all one CPU, so if you are using a dual processor the computer has enough power to run two processors cores in one. The quad processor has the ability to power 4 processors cores in one processor. The same goes for the processors that have 6 or 8 cores. Original computers only have one CPU when they first came out, so the addition of the dual, quad, and even the 6-8 cores have made computers have the ability to process information faster and make it easier to decipher more information all at once.

Why are they important?

Multi-core processors are important for many reasons, but the most important reason is that since websites and graphics are getting more and more complex, having multiple CPU cores working together to understand the information given will help your computer keep up with all the different information being sent to it. If you are using your computer for a lot of gaming, the more CPU cores you have the better, because you will have constant information being sent to your central processors. You will find that running complex websites, programs, or many programs at once will work must faster and easier if you have a more CPU cores installed into your computer. The more CPU chips you have will help you have better performance of your computer and use less energy to do so.

As you can see there are a lot of options available to you when you are thinking about how many CPU cores you will need for your own computers. Many home computers run just fine using a dual processor as their central processing unit. If you are a big gamer or do a lot of work on your computer it may benefit you to upgrade your dual processor to a quad processor or even bigger.