What is the purpose of YOUR Website ?

Your website should give a return on investment (ROI). Too many companies spend thousands of pounds on a website and see absolutely no return income from it. - NO SALES.

We can drive targeted traffic to YOUR website using our optimisation service. However the words and images visitors see on your website will either encourage or discourage them to buy your products or services.

It’s a minefield and we can help you get it right.

There are two main objectives.

Those are to get the visitor to buy from you NOW or to collect their contact details - – specifically their Email Address and their agreement (called opt-in or ‘Permission Marketing’) to receive future Emails.

Regular communications with YOUR Existing Clients and Prospects are essential to build up a relationship of trust. Everyone doesn’t want to buy today – it may take some people 12 months.

When they are ready to buy YOU are foremost in their mind – so that they only buy from YOU.

The 8-second rule.

Research shows that there is little time to grab the website visitor’s attention – YOU have only 8 seconds..

So YOUR Website must have an ‘Attention Grabber’ – within the body of the Home Page.

So on YOUR Home Page YOU MUST HAVE -
  • An attention grabbing headline including Keywords
  • The KEY BENEFITS of doing business with YOU
  • A COMPELLING REASON for the Visitor to leave Contact Details - in exchange for SOMETHING FREE – maybe a report or similar that the visitor perceives to be of value
  • A clear CALL TO ACTION - tell them what to do next

Remember – a person visiting YOUR Website has generally done so for a reason – they are interested in what you have to offer. If they go away without leaving you their Contact Details they are unlikely to return – and YOU HAVE LOST AN OPPORTUNITY – the entire purpose of your website has FAILED.

There are three guiding principles to writing good website copy -

  • Benefits, Benefits, Benefits.
  • Keep it simple and conversational
  • Use the magic world – YOU

And the ‘Golden Rule’ with ALL Copywriting is AIDA – which means -

  • A = Attention – use your headline to make your website stand out from the crowd
  • I = Interest – tell the website visitor ‘What’s in it for them ? – it’s all about BENEFITS
  • D = Desire – get the website visitor to want/crave your products or services
  • A = Action.- tell the website visitor what to do next
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